Jesus Christ defeated the devil who took the shape of a snake

After the first mission of healing that you can read in this article… Liva’s faith wasn’t yet stable. He was again bewitched and returned to his former home. He lied about it. He told us that he won’t go visit his family at Analamahitsy but we knew by Christ’s servant Patty that he did so. He returned to the place where he was bewitched. He was again affected after being there: his face was inflated and deformed. We prayed and put hand on him in order to remove the devil who took the shape of a snake which enchained Liva (Revelation 12: 9)

snake satan

The snake got loose from Liva and approached Christ’s servant Nivo. It wanted to strangle and killed her. Its mouth was very wide open and could have swallowed one person. It desecrated insults (Revelation 13:5). Fortunately, Jesus Christ fought the devil, which runs away. When it tried to come back, Jesus Christ’s strength took the shape of a line of blue fire and fought it.

power of Jesus

Satan run away: beating and yelling. Liva was cured. The Only Glory would belong to our Triune God: Jehovah The Father, Jesus Christ The Son and The Holy Spirit.

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2 thoughts on “Jesus Christ defeated the devil who took the shape of a snake

  1. Michael Estreich says:

    Triune God ???
    Where does it say anything about that in the bible ?
    You should read Deuteronomy 6:4

    1. administrator says:

      You should read Matthew 28:18-20; John 1:1-4 ; John 10:30 and Isaiah 63:8-19. So Jehovah is one but as in our body, there is differents parts, Jehovah has his differents parts too. Jesus is the angel of His face and His Son, the world of God, his part so God Himself

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